Fujitsu‘s Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server Offers Flexibility in the Cloud

Published November 23rd, 2009 - 10:22 GMT

Fujitsu today announces the immediate availability of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (I-a-a-S) solutions, combining Fujitsu’s reliable server and storage products with its network and service experience to complete the uppermost layer of Fujitsu’s Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio. The first solution is Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server, introduced across the CEMEA&I region.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server marks a paradigm shift for organizations, since it enables the dematerialization of IT hardware. Assets that were previously fixed costs can be removed from the balance sheet and transformed into variable costs. The pay-as-you-go Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, already the accepted standard for services such as telecommunications, electricity and water, is now extended to computing resources.

With Fujitsu’s I-a-a-S for Server, companies have the option of replacing all or some of their on-premise hardware with a simple, secure plug-in connection – with physical servers located in dedicated, purpose-built and secure Fujitsu data centers. Fujitsu’s trusted PRIMERGY server product line and the combination of ETERNUS storage as well as network and software experience provide all the necessary components for reliable and dynamic server resource allocation. Fujitsu’s service orchestration ensures that customers can combine the I-a-a-S for Server with their own on-premise Dynamic Infrastructures.

For customers, their network connection to server resources is now via a secured VPN internet connection, instead of a network connection to a server room. By switching to I-a-a-S for Server, companies can benefit from fast service provision, high scaling and load balancing, fast and simple server function procurement, a transparent pay-as-you-go price model, and reduced administrative costs.

Fujitsu’s I-a-a-S for Server is ideal for companies who want to focus on their own core business and let external experts manage their IT. I-a-a-S for Server particularly benefits classic small-medium enterprises (SME) that have little or no own IT support, and is a good match for large corporations looking to cope with peak demand by starting to outsource parts of their IT. Fujitsu’s I-a-a-S for Server is also ideal for customers who wish to buy computing power in a very flexible way, providing a buffer at peak times. 

Says Andre Kiehne, Vice President Managed Infrastructure Services at Fujitsu Technology Solutions: “The introduction of our first Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering marks a paradigm shift for customers – since they are finally able to use server resources according to demand, just as they do with utility services. With a simple connection, customers have immediate access to scalable and reliable server resources, backed by Fujitsu’s full support from basic platform product to solutions, services and software.”

Flexible server options
Fujitsu’s I-a-a-S for Server solution is based on a flexible infrastructure powered by virtualized or dedicated servers. Customers are guaranteed the availability of additional server capacity and functionality within hours – as well as guaranteed uptime through Service Level Agreements. Further flexibility comes from the choice of whether to install own software on a “bare metal” server or to choose a fully-functional model managed by Fujitsu.

Fujitsu’s Dynamic Infrastructures approach provides customers with freedom of choice with a wide range of IT service delivery model options to suit their individual needs – starting with on-premise hardware, software and solutions, through Managed Services – where Fujitsu takes over on-premise systems management – and culminating in Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. Furthermore, all combinations are possible according to business needs. By switching to Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server, customers also benefit from a single monthly bill based on actual use, with entry-level prices starting at 195 EURO per month per server.

Unlike public cloud offerings from internet service providers, Fujitsu’s I-a-a-S for Server architecture is focused on providing maximum security for data and applications. Fujitsu’s solution is differentiated by the secure VPN connection to the company’s own private network.

Service options
Fujitsu offers several options through a web-based I-a-a-S portal. Virtual Server without operating system delivers bare-metal server capacity provided by a virtual server and the opportunity to add appropriate components. Virtual server with operating system provides a virtualized operating system that includes appropriate licenses. Fujitsu handles operating system administration, while additional components can be installed, managed and supported by the customer. Dedicated Server provides an exclusive-use server on which customers can configure and manage their own operating system or virtual machines.

To simplify the transition to this new world, Fujitsu offers customers additional services including consultancy to help customers determine where the use of I-a-a-S makes the most sense, and the best way to accomplish a roll-out. To ensure seamless transitions with minimal planned downtime, Fujitsu can set up test environments on staging servers and then move them to real-time systems when implementation is complete and tested.

Fujitsu showcased I-a-a-S for Server at its VISIT09 conference in Munich on November 18 and 19, 2009.

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