Fujitsu Completes Global ETERNUS DX Disk Storage Lineup

Published December 3rd, 2009 - 03:44 GMT

Fujitsu today announces the global launch of the mid-range ETERNUS DX400 series disk storage system, and enterprise-class ETERNUS DX8000 series, both featuring maximum data and system availability, security, and operational efficiency.

Designed to provide multi-dimensional scalability and maximize the benefits from pooling storage resources, the versatile ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series are a key building block for dynamic IT infrastructures in which system resources are allocated according to demand.

The launch marks an important milestone in consolidating Fujitsu’s global storage portfolio under the ETERNUS brand. From entry-level to high-end systems through to virtual tape appliances, the globally-unified ETERNUS brand stands for reliability, quality and performance.

Dr Helmut Beck, Vice President Storage Business at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, says: “All ETERNUS DX systems offer high-end features and set new standards in innovation. The systems provide multi-dimensional scalability and the capability to maximize the pooling of storage resources. Eco-mode functionality places ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series among the most energy-efficient systems in their class, and virtualization capabilities including Thin Provisioning make the systems ideal building blocks for Dynamic Infrastructures.”

ETERNUS DX400 series: Highest reliability for mid-range
Designed for medium-sized data centers, the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX400 series directly addresses organizations’ need for a robust yet energy-efficient solution providing performance and capacity scalability, availability, data mobility and security.

ETERNUS DX8000 series: Class-leading enterprise scalability
The enterprise-class Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8000 series meets the high-capacity and performance requirements of large organizations, making it the perfect platform for storage consolidation. Key technical benefits include advanced functionality along with data availability, security, and operational efficiency.

Technical Specifications
ETERNUS DX400 series scale up to 428 TB, and ETERNUS DX8000 series offer the industry’s largest capacity with more than 2.7 petabytes. The 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel host interface and fast quad-core processors significantly increase performance.

Business-boosting innovation is a signature of the ETERNUS DX systems, with both the DX400 series and DX8000 series shipping with added-value features such as Data Block Guard, which enhances RAID data protection by helping ensure data integrity both on data drives and in the system cache. Advanced data copying and mirroring capabilities protect against data loss during operation, while native 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption protects critical data from unauthorized access throughout its lifecycle, including disposal, when drives are removed from the storage system.

Power and cooling requirements are reduced with Eco-mode using MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) spin-down technology and support for low-power, high-performance enterprise SSDs.

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