GAM Organizes the Third Amman Standup Comedy Festival

GAM Organizes the Third Amman Standup Comedy Festival
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Published November 30th, 2010 - 10:56 GMT

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Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) , Omar Maani, has recently announced the launch of the 2010 Amman Standup Comedy Festival, scheduled to take place during the period 4-10 December, at Al Hussein Cultural Center.

In a press conference, specifically held for the purpose of announcing the launch of the Festival's activities, performances, and shows, Omar Maani stressed that this comedic event that the city of Amman is embracing for the third consecutive year has been widely acclaimed as an important platform for the standup comedy theater. According to the Mayor, the Festival has, in the years of 2008 and 2009, scored resounding success that logically added to the stores of knowledge and expertise of the participants, artists, organizers, sponsors, and supporters, and consequently helped place Amman among the world cities, well renowned for their excellence in arts, thought, literature, and culture.

Workshops on the sidelines of the Festival, free of charge, shall be conducted by comedic experts with the aim of reinforcing standup comedy performances on the part of participants. Mayor Maani further disclosed that an international contest; open for all participants, locals included, shall be launched. While on the subject, Maani pointed out that last year's contest witnessed the participation of 80 comedians, and wound up in only two winning contestants.

The Mayor of Amman firmly believes that GAM, emanating from its institutional role and keenness to placing the Capital as a touristic destination, and enhancing its cultural movement, develops and organizes such artistic and cultural activities. To him, this institutional dimension does solidify the sustainability of cultural demonstrations of this high caliber

Added Omar Maani, " The highly acknowledged success, and the positive impacts of the Amman Festival maximized our determination to make it a marked calendar occurrence staged in the Capital, hoping that it shall constitute a qualitative leap in terms of participation, shows, and in providing the young talents with the necessary knowledge and skills that should help them develop their potentials, and eventually actual performances.

MBC Spokesman, Mazen Al Hayek, on his part, affirmed that drawing a smile on the faces, is the most difficult among arts; he also pointed out that the Festival consecrates the art of standup comedy as the most exclusive and difficult art among all.

It is worth noting, in this context, that the Mayor of Amman and the MBC Group Spokesman have recently signed a partnership agreement, according to which, the Group is designated as the leading sponsor of the Festival for three years. Within this framework, Al Hayek maintained that the Agreement aims at highlighting this particular art, in addition to improving the chances of the youth to perform before millions of MBC spectators.

The MBC official further explained that the Festival positions Amman as the focal point that can easily help the media propagate this popular type of art through reaching millions of fans, creating ample opportunities for the talented among the youth to demonstrate their capabilities, let alone soliciting financial back up.

Al Hayek reiterated MBC Group's commitment to always present the best of the world of entertainment for all the Arab region's audiences, in addition to spreading the spirit of joy and laughter among Jordanians and Arabs alike. MBC Group, he added, is also committed to facilitating the exchange of knowledge and culture among people of the area and the rest of the world.

From his end, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Royal Jordanian, Hussein Al Dabbas referred to the Royal Jordanian Airline platinum sponsorship for the third consecutive year, maintaining that the Jordanian carrier would like to see itself reinforcing the artistic, cultural, and comedic role of the Capital. It is our aim, he added, to promote the artistic potentials of the Jordanian youth, as we strongly believe in supporting any activities that raise the Jordanian flag high, and help place the country on the world touristic map.

Ass'ad Jbara, Spokesman of Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Golden Sponsor for the third year running, thanked GAM for organizing such a festival that combines and addresses an assortment of cultures, and helps encouraging and adopting the local Jordanian talents.

Tackling the same dimension of the Festival, Spokesman of the Integrated Company for Multiple Modes of Transportation, Deputy CEO of Abu Khader Group, Nabeel Abu Khader, expressed his happiness for being an active part of this artistic gathering, which hosts a number of cultures under one roof.

Sponsors of the event comprise Al Abdali Project as the Silver Sponsor; Zein, Advise Grey, and AVP Events as Bronze Sponsors; and Hawa Amman FM 105.9, The Capital Magazine, Umnia Media, and Al Nawares Media company as the Media Sponsors.

The Festival, the mostly acknowledged comedic event in Amman, is developed and produced in close collaboration with the critically acclaimed New York Arab American Comedy Festival, and features universally renowned comedians, in addition to Middle Eastern and Jordanian comedians, with active participation of Arab American comedians

The 2010 Festival shall witness a lineup of 20 world artists, namely Omid Djalili rose in Kingston, London, and the highly renowned USA Artist, Gabriel Leglesias. Jordanian artists shall also have their fair share of performance, especially the well-known Jordanian comedian, Nabil Sawalha. This year's festival is programmed to include a new development that may be labeled as the Jordanian Talents Night.

It is worth noting that Last Year's Festival was hosted by the city of Amman between 4 and 10 December 2009. Such a unique artistic activity, the first of its kind in the Middle East and the Arab World, attracted nearly 5000 Jordanian and Arab spectators who were immersed in laughter and deeply interacted with and highly appreciated the different performances and shows.

The Festival program may be summed up as follows : The first night titled "Gabriel and Friends" , and comprising Gabriel Leglasias, Larry Omaha, Edwin San Juan, Dean Obeidallah, and Aron Kader; The "Arab Night" is to comprise Nabil Sawalha, Mohammed Salem, Motaz Atallah, Ola Roshdi, and Meena Dimian; The "Night of Laughter" shall witness the participation of Dean Edwards, Omar Elba, Sherry Davey, Brian Scott McFadden, and Mo Omar; and the closing night shall be devoted for Omid DJalili, Dean Edwards, Sheri Deivy, Mo Amer, and Dean Obeidalla. The closing night shall be devoted to the local talents. 

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