GAM Receives applications for Barns of ‘Eid Sacrifices and Slaughtering within Selected Sites

GAM Receives applications for Barns of ‘Eid Sacrifices and Slaughtering within Selected Sites
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Published October 24th, 2010 - 13:49 GMT

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The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) elected to make 20/10/2010 the final day for tradesmen and citizens to obtain barns of " 'Eid " sacrifices and slaughtering within the sites selected in the sacrifices project for the year 2010.

It is worth noting that the sacrifices project is annually organized to facilitate citizens' rituals of the holy sacrifice, conserve the environment, maintain the public health, and put an end to the random slaughter in the residential areas.

Special brochures spelling out all instructions and the selected sites will be distributed during the whole period of the applying process.

GAM stipulated in the issued terms and conditions, related to gathering the sacrifices in these locations, that all applicants shall pay service fees of JD 200 for every barn during the whole period, which is 3 days before 'Eid and 4 days of 'Eid holiday, in addition to JD 300 as refundable deposits in case of committing violations against terms and conditions.

The instructions stressed that the tradesmen are not allowed to relinquish the site to any other party without GAM's approval; otherwise, a fine of 1500 JODs will be imposed.

The instructions also require that tradesmen shall sell sacrifices that are in agreement to the legal and health conditions, and must provide workers with public safety equipment and related tools suitable for slaughtering, in addition to plastic packs with quantities and sizes suitable for the meat.

The instructions allowed tradesmen to offer and sell live cows and camels on condition that they are apt for slaughtering at Amman Abattoir in 'Ein Ghazal.

Instructions also have it that contractors shall be committed to move out any sacrifice which the veterinarian may reject for not complying with the legal and health criteria, otherwise; the contractor shall grant the customer with an alternative sacrifice complying with the legal and health criteria.

The tradesmen have no right whatsoever to move or sell any sacrifice outside the location or adjacent to the allocated barn, noting that sacrifices are to be brought to the barn firsthand using vehicles to be directly removed after downloading.

The instructions also prevented leasing more than one barn for the same tradesman in the location, unless there were extra barns that exceed the applicants' needs, requesting commitment to daily and immediate clearing of the site from all skin and waste complied there, if the buyer is in no need of the same.

GAM selected ten locations in the capital for selling and slaughtering sacrifices, in addition to Amman Abattoir situated in Marka, Al-Naser, and the rest of the locations are distributed as below:

The first site is on Wasfi el Tel Street, this location is allocated to serve Tla' Al Ali, Sweileh, Wadi Al Seer and Badr Al Jadidah. The second is on the crossroads of Al-Saheheed and Mohammad Diya' Al-Haq Streets, and it is the sale and slaughter location for the city areas, Al Abdali, Basman, and Tareq.

The third is in the opposite side of Shafa Badran district and the police station; it is to serve the regions, Tareq, Shafa Badran, Jubeiha, and Abu Nseir, the fourth is in 'Aisha Bint Abi Bakr St.-Cypriot Company-, and it will provide sale and slaughter services for Al Yarmouk, Ras Al Ein, Badr and Zahran districts.

The fifth, situated near King Abdullah II Gardens; this location will receive citizens coming from Na'our, Husban, Marj Al Hamam, and Al Mgabalein. The sixth is in Al-Sitteen Street near the police station, this one will be for Kherbet Al Souk, Sahab, Jawa, and Al Jeezah.

The seventh, near the concrete mixers in Al-Thuheir Street branching off the Airport road, this location will serve Wadi Al Seer and Marj Al Hamam. The eighth, serving Sweileh, is located in the Great Arab Revolt Street in the opposite site of Sabreyyeh Al Khateeb Mosque.

The ninth, is in front of the Islamic Cemetery; this one will be for Sahab , and Al Mawaggar. And finally, the last one is located in the new Al-Halal Market/ Al Madouna, serving the regions of Uhud and Al Qweismeh.

It is worth mentioning that GAM shall provide every site with all infrastructural services, in addition to two integrated health services and units, with an area of 200 m2. 

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