GAM Tightens the Sanitary Control Procedures on Food products

Published August 10th, 2010 - 01:17 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) tightened its control procedures on all food centers and markets in preparation for the Holy month of Ramadan.
Director of Health and Vocations Control at GAM, Dr. Mervat Mheirat, said that with the approach of Ramadan and the increase consumption of food, GAM in coordination with the Jordan Food and Drug Association (JFDA), adopted several strict procedures on the food products and their validity.
Mheirat stated that GAM prepared an intensive control program on the food validity; according to shifts, the program starts as of the morning until Sohour hours.. The inspection will focus on products of high demand during Ramadan to avoid any sanitary violations.
 Mheirat confirmed that GAM will intensify its  inspection  visits to the consumption centers, malls, restaurants, kitchens, tents, bakeries, and food warehouses, in addition to the butcher shops, the public markets, and the street vendors.
Confirming they will focus on inspecting samples of certain products that are highly demanded during Ramadan, such as dates, nuts, juices, meat, packaged soup, yogurt and dairy products, salads, pickles, pastries, and sweets.
GAM warned the citizens from buying any handmade juices during Ramadan, as they don’t comply with the safe manufacturing requirements, and are not subject to health control.
Encouraging the citizens to become more health conscious, and avoid any health problems and food poisoning during Ramadan, GAM’s  recommendations are due to  the high summer temperatures and the increased demand on these products such as kharoob, liquorices, tamarind, kamaruddin, orange, and lemon juice.
During the second half of the month, inspection is to be tightened on the main ingredients needed in making sweets, ensuring proper storage, in addition to inspection visits to bakeries and patisseries, and to their manufacturing areas.
GAM also formed a joint team with JFDA to focus on Al Wehdat and Al Hussein camps, Sa’f El Seil, Al Sukkar Market, Al Nasr, Hai Nazzal, Raghdan, and Sahab.       

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