Over 250,000 made homeless by Israeli assault in Gaza

Published August 11th, 2014 - 12:28 GMT

At least 250,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have no home to return to as the Israeli regime’s relentless military attacks have wreaked major destruction in the enclave, Press TV reports.

Some 80 families perished in the Israel war on Gaza, which began on July 8. The aggression has so far claimed the lives of some 1,940 Palestinians, including 470 children. Nearly 10,000 others have been injured in the military aggression.

“Heavy bombing targeted our incomplete house at night so we took refuge in the lower floor of the building when the F16 jets joined the tanks in bombing our house. We decided to flee to the nearby town of Beit Hanoun. We saw refugees inside Beit Hanoun hospital, but it was shelled and people were killed,” Shadi Sahwheel, a displaced Gaza resident, told Press TV.

The displaced Palestinians have accused international aid agencies operating in Gaza of playing into the hands of Israel.

“The UN has failed to address our most basic needs. We don’t have enough food or clean water and most of our children and pregnant women are sick. My wife and I have six kids and the UN has only provided us with one mattress. There is premeditated negligence on the part of the UN and the international community,” Rafat Ghasem, a displaced Palestinian, said.

A new 72-hour ceasefire came into effect on Monday following an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

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