Gaza: Palestinian killed by Israeli fire

Published February 9th, 2009 - 12:56 GMT

Israel said it launched air strikes on two Hamas outposts in the Gaza Strip on Monday in retaliation for rocket attacks yesterday. According to Reuters, Palestinians said at least one Israeli missile hit a building used by Hamas police. There were no reports of any casualties.


The Israeli military said the air strikes followed the firing of two rockets at southern Israel from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Sunday. The rockets caused damage but there were no casualties. "As the sole authority in the Gaza Strip, Hamas bears full responsibility for all terror activities originating within its area of control," the army said in a communique it released after the air strikes.


Medics and the Islamic Jihad movement said Israeli troops killed a Palestinian fighter following a firefight in the north of the Strip. Medics said Khaled al-Kafarneh, 22, was killed when an artillery shell hit his house in Beit Hanun.


According to AFP, the Islamic Jihad claimed in a statement that Kafarneh died in an Israeli air strike following an exchange of fire between the armed group and Israeli troops near the border fence. "Following the firefight, helicopters intervened and fired two missiles," the movement said, adding that one of its members was killed and another listed as missing.

Separately, an Israel Navy gunboat fired a shell in the direction of a Palestinian fishing boat off the northern Gaza coast, Palestinian officials said. The Israeli military said the boat had strayed beyond limits Israel has set for fishermen. Palestinian officials said rescue crews were on their way to the fishing boat to determine if there were any casualties.


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