GE Healthcare unveiled innovative applications across Discovery PET/CT600 series platform

Published January 31st, 2010 - 10:13 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

GE Healthcare, the healthcare business of General Electric Company (GE), has unveiled dual detector capabilities and an enhanced application suite for its DiscoveryTM PET/CT 600 series scanners.

Continuing to expand access and advance the possibilities for imaging excellence with the powerful Discovery PET/CT 600 family, GE Healthcare has introduced the Discovery PET/CT 690 with BrightSpeed Elite™ CT. The BrightSpeed Elite CT provides advanced imaging and applications capabilities, further enhancing imaging quality and diagnostic confidence.

GE is the only vendor offering the choice of detectors within the same cutting-edge product series, allowing users to tailor systems to their needs. A Discovery PET/CT 600 system can also be configured with a Discovery PET/CT 690 detector, providing flexibility to excel both in clinical implementation and imaging exploration. The entire Discovery PET/CT 600 series platform features exclusive VUE Point HD reconstruction, industry leading MotionFree imaging, and a powerfully fast reconstruction engine.

“By delivering the latest in technology to the entire platform, we are reinforcing our commitment to clinicians and researchers alike,” said Jim Mitchell, General Manager of GE Healthcare’s PET/CT business. “Whether you choose the Discovery PET/CT 600 to meet routine clinical needs, or the Discovery PET/CT 690 to explore the future of Molecular Imaging, you will be receiving the same application suite to improve efficiency, and overall user confidence.”

Image reconstruction can make or break clinical workflow schedules. Using the improved IBM Blade Center®, VUE Point FX reconstruction is now two times faster, at less then 75 seconds per bed position. The patient scan can be reviewed while the patient is still on the table. The scan itself is also more efficient with a 2-meter scan option that allows clinicians to complete an entire head to toe examination in one scan.

For the first time, a sophisticated iterative reconstruction process has also been applied to PET/CT images, providing improved image clarity and diagnostic confidence on a single platform. The Discovery PET/CT 690 with the LightSpeed VCT is showcasing the groundbreaking technique of Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) resulting in a reduction of CT dose by up to 40 per cent and improving low contrast detectability (LCD) by 30 per cent. With this breakthrough innovation, clinicians don’t compromise image quality while reducing dose to their patients.

All of the Discovery PET/CT 600 series products incorporate industry leading, MotionFree imaging technologies into the clinical workflow. This capability allows clinicians and researchers to align PET and CT gated images to compensate for movement in all regions of the body, most importantly those regions subject to respiratory motion. Combined with VUE Point HD or VUE Point FX reconstruction, these technologies have the potential to improve small lesion detection, image quality, and better therapy response monitoring.

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