A genuine diamond upon an unbreakable redstring

Published October 13th, 2009 - 03:20 GMT

Forever a true lucky charm for all peoples and cultures, string was the inspiration behind the work of designer Laetitia Cohen Skalli, who will be exhibiting her Redline jewellery brand at Who’s Next’s upcoming edition, to be held from October 11th to 13th in Dubai. Symbolising this line of jewellery, the “K” bracelet expresses in material terms the concept of “a diamond upon a string”. A blend of diamond and gold, mounted on unbreakable strings that come in different colours, all of the designer’s creations appeal to trendy customers and celebrities because of their purity and their lightness.

In the same way as the “Diamond upon a Red String”, the “Illusion” model (7 small diamonds in an invisible setting) and the round or square closed-set diamond come with a three-link gold clasp to adapt to all wrists. The gold is produced in yellow, pink, grey and black in order to highlight the quality of the diamonds.

Redline jewels combine 50 colours of string that symbolise a variety of concepts: thus red string means love and protection, while purple means mystery, green means hope, pink means imagination, black means elegance and so on. Redline string is virtually unbreakable: it boasts a tensile force of up to 80 kilos.

As a result, anyone can use these made-to-measure craftworks to express their personality according to their mood at any given time.

In 2009, the classic “K” models are worn “multifils” i.e. with several strings. The “Trésor” collection and the limited Collector edition feature the “Blup Blup” fish, combining black and white diamonds, “Peace & Love”, “Invader” and “Envol” (flight). Another trend, the “embroidered” models are inspired from Brazilian bracelets: braided with five strings in the traditional way, they differ from their model in that they come with a “piercing” diamond, which the owner is meant to set, single or severally, according to their mood.
The “Si” rings, their diamond mounted on a simple ring, complete this line of jewellery that is always set under the sign of sober elegance.

Thanks to this designer and her ever alert ideas, those models have a great number of predecessors, including the Black Collection featuring black gold.

Distributed throughout France in upscale shops and department stores, these jewels are also sold in numerous countries, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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