Germany plans to send Syrian refugees back to country of entry: interior ministry

Published November 11th, 2015 - 05:00 GMT

Germany plans to send Syrian refugees back to the first EU country they reached in their quest to reach Europe, ending Germany's suspension of EU migration guidelines, the Interior Ministry confirmed through a spokesman on Tuesday.

The spokesman said that Germany had been reapplying the Dublin Regulation - whereby refugees must register in the EU country they arrive in and can be sent back there from other EU countries if they don't - for all nationalities and EU states except Greece.

This has applied "also for Syrian citizens, since October 21," he said.

Faced with a tide of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees during the summer, Chancellor Angela Merkel suspended the Dublin Regulation and allowed the refugees to register in Germany although they had entered the EU elsewhere, often in Greece.

Merkel has faced criticism from within her own Christian Democrat party ranks and from an increasing number of Germans for this decision, many saying it had encouraged many more to come.

Officially Germany expects to receive 800,000 refugees this year, four times the number it welcomed in 2014. Some estimates put the figure at well more than 1 million.

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