Global firm RJI to help Russia in improving international media posture including in Arab World

Published November 4th, 2009 - 12:57 GMT

The prestigious world news online outlet Financial Times GMM has published an interesting story under the title "Moscow chooses a discreet firm to make some noise". The story deals with the Russian efforts to improve its international media posture including in the Arab media.


The following is the text of the article:


European sources have reported that the Kremlin has tasked RJI Companies with getting its message out and improving its international media posture, shining some light on one of the most effective firms you've never heard about.

A group of companies whose expertise range from Merchant Banking, Private Equity, Strategic Consulting and Intelligence, RJI has a client list of mega-corporations and governments that between them represent a major slice of the planet's GDP; it has lavish offices in capitals throughout the world; its various subsidiaries offer services from strategic intelligence to political consulting to financial services; and, most importantly, its clients keep coming back for more.

RJI employees would not divulge any information on the group's clients or activities, but did offer glimpses into the culture of an organization that sees secrecy and discretion as the cornerstone of its services: One former employee noted that RJI's founder viewed Swiss secrecy laws, the most stringent in the world, as "a good start".

For all its discretion, RJI is far better known in boardrooms and in the corridors of power. Sources described an organization that is extremely well connected and has a reputation for troubleshooting and difficult assignments. An executive at one of the largest companies in the world told under conditions of anonymity of a solitary RJI man flying in on a private jet and saving a multi-billion dollar deal that had gone sour in three days of intense negotiations. An ex-official who had exposure to government intelligence resources flatly stated that intelligence and analysis he now received from Arcanum (RJI's strategic intelligence subsidiary) was 'in the same league, often better, always faster'. 

An area where several interviewees gave kudos to RJI was loosely described as 'communicating'. Employing a deft combination of, high-level networking, unique deal making skills, financial structuring, media relations and its signature analysis and planning, RJI has managed to get messages out, influence discussion and even reshape agendas in the global epicenters of power on behalf of its clients.

Is it this latter skill set that has brought RJI to Moscow's notice? Ever since Khrushchev's "we will bury you" gaffe, few countries can claim a poorer record at getting their point of view understood, let alone heard, in the West. It remains to be seen what RJI will do to this track record.

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