Global leader in digital identification and security solutions praises Egypt’s adoption of advanced digital identification practices at

Published December 28th, 2009 - 03:43 GMT

The Digital Identification Solutions (DISO) Group, a leading global supplier of identification solutions, has praised Egypt’s move to adopt advanced digital identification procedures during the 8th Digital Identity Assurance Conference (CardEx 2009), being held in Cairo, Egypt, from 13 – 15 December 2009.  Speaking at the conference, Gerd Schaefer, CEO of DISO, also shared information on the latest digital identification and security technologies being adopted worldwide by governments and private organizations.


“Egypt has been making notable progress to modernize its electronic identification systems across a wide range of applications including the national ID cards, medical cards and driver’s licenses, as the government moves towards modern citizen services as part of its successful rollout of e-Government,” said Schaefer.  “Our goal is to support these initiatives by introducing our globally leading solutions with an aim to help various organizations reach their digital identification objectives through cutting edge, secure and cost effective solutions.”


DISO management and staff bring over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in digital identification and security solutions, and its technologies are already adopted by several of the region’s prominent authorities including the Oman Traffic Department for driver’s licenses, the United Arab Emirates for driver’s licenses, vehicle registration and immigration cards, as well as the Dubai Police Department for the officer IDs.


DISO will be showcasing high-end credential management software, state-of-the-art image capture and biometric enrollment solutions and its Business & Professional Line Printer Program including the new, highly secure EDIsecure® XID 8300, 9300 and 9330 Retransfer Printers. Based on extensive usage and reliability in retransfer technology at more than 6.000 installations, these new retransfer printers are the premium solution in desktop printing and a new addition to the company’s most comprehensive launch of new products and solutions.


Based on the proven EDIsecure® XID 5xxie platforms, the XID 8300, 9300 and XID 9330 are designed for medium- to high-volume card production and environments where maximum security is required. The majority of the internal parts are built using the extremely rugged and reliable heavy-duty construction which has made the XID 5xxie series become the most reliable retransfer printers in the markets for many years. Even the whole ribbon program, consisting of five distinct versions plus the long lasting XID ART retransfer film, is fully compatible with the XID 5xxie series so that customers and distribution partners can leverage from the existing media portfolio without any changes.


DISO will also show the revolutionary EDIsecure® LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System which integrates the advantages of high quality XID retransfer color printing and secure laser engraving on a single card in a one step process making credential forgery and manipulation all but impossible. With its innovative system concept the LCP 9000 allows the combination of an unrivaled variety of security features, such as on-demand personalization of data as micro text, CLI (Changeable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image), tactile effects, high resolution gradient UV printing, electronic guilloche, and IPI (Invisible Personal Information).


The EDIsecure® LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System is built up by individual components: XID 9330 for full color printing in highest quality, LEU 9000 for laser engraving, and ILM Inline Lamination Module for the over lamination with clear and secure foils. This System is therefore scalable and modular and can be used also as a standalone unit – LES 9000 – for black/white laser engraving only. The laser unit itself had been developed exclusively for the personalization of ID cards, providing true 256 degrees of grey scale for utmost photo quality. This Laser Personalization System provides for central and regional mass production of government credentials like, National IDs, Health Cards, Driver’s Licenses, etc.


With the unique Advanced IPM feature the system offers a great scalability to adapt its per hour productivity and allows a throughput of up to 400 cards/h with the parallel connection of several units to just one IPM Print Server. That means approx. 1/10 of investment costs for a comparable “mainframe-type” production machine. Also the running maintenance costs are unparalleled low in this industry. DISO is providing technical training to local entities, therefore avoiding the dependency from foreign maintenance services.


“We are happy to showcase our technologies and sharing our expertise with visitors at CardEx 2009, and are working with our Egyptian partners to bring our solutions to the support of the Egyptian authorities as the country continues to adopt globally accepted practices in digital identification and security,” added Schaefer.

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