Greater Amman Municipality Studies Licensing From-Home Careers

Published October 27th, 2009 - 10:46 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) held at Al Hussein Cultural Center a workshop on "the legal development project of from-home careers" to discuss the possibility of granting licenses to practice careers from home, provided that work from home is only of a sub-purpose nature.

The head of the workshop, Deputy Mayor of Amman, Amer Al Basheer, in the presence of the City Manager, Ammar Gharaibeh, some officials of GAM, and representatives of the local community, defined the careers that can be practiced from home, which do not affect the nature of the original purpose of the household, neither should it limit the ability to lead a normal life on the part of the area residents, let alone changing the residential nature or negatively impacting the value of the property.

The participants presented some of the careers that can be practiced at home, such as, translation, academic researches, accounts auditing, printing, computer design services, manual embroidery, design and decoration services, and graphic design.

They also stressed the necessity for reaching a final draft to ensure the actual and soon onset of such careers, for its positive influence on reducing unemployment percentages, upgrading standards of living, and opening the opportunity for beginners to start their projects with less cost and effort, in addition to empowering people with special needs and those whose living commitments and financial situation prevent them from working outside their homes.

During the workshop,  the concept of from-home career, its nature and how it is tied up to the people and the place, as well as the desired and set goals, the target group, the conditions and criteria to govern these kinds of jobs have been discussed. 

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