Green Peace: Israel Pollutes the Mediterranean

Published June 8th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The International 'Green Peace' Organization for fighting pollution said that the Israeli chemical industries spread along the coast of the Mediterranean cause great and large scale pollution in the waters of the Mediterranean and harm the plantation, reported Wednesday. 

The official in charge of the organization's regional office in Lebanon Zeina al-Haj said that the chemical materials and wastes coming from the Israeli factories and industries, especially Haifa factory for chemical industries pour its poisons in the waters of the Mediterranean, the agency added. 

Al-Haj was quoted as saying that the studies conducted by the organization and the samples taken from the wastes showed the great damage inflicted by this pollution to the environment, the plantation and the sea waters, noting that the domestic wastes which are poured in the sea, coming from Haifa and its factories play a great role in this pollution. 

She remarked the great damage, which is being inflicted on the states overlooking the Mediterranean and the sea life in it, calling on the UN and other countries to interfere for fighting this pollution and halting it, according to the agency - 

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