Gulf Clerics Call For Boycott of US Products In Support Of Palestinians

Published November 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Leading clerics in the Gulf have urged people to boycott hundreds of US products ranging from Big Macs and Coca Cola to Calvin Klein and Levi jeans in support of the Palestinian Intifada. 

Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradhawi, a Qatari cleric of Egyptian origin, led the calls, issuing a fatwa, or religious decree, at Doha's main Omar bin al-Khattab mosque during Friday's prayers. 

A list carrying the names of hundreds of US products to boycott was also distributed at schools, shopping centers and other establishments throughout the Gulf, notably in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. 

The detailed three-page list included US cars, healthcare, hospitals, clothes, cosmetics, food, restaurants, computer hardware and electronic goods. 

"If you cannot buy a bullet for the Palestinian fighters, don't waste the price of a bullet for the benefit of the Jews," the list proclaimed. 

"Each dollar spent to buy an American product is transformed into a bullet to kill our brothers in Palestine," it continued. "US restaurants will lose millions of dollars if boycotted." 

Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces since the end of September have left 278 dead, most of them Palestinian -- DUBAI (AFP)  



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