Gulf War Wounds Surface during IPU Conference

Published May 6th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Noura Wazani 

The participation of the Kuwaiti Parliamentary delegation in the Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference, which ended Saturday in Amman, seemed to have poked old controversial issues. 

In addition to the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations and the Kuwaiti prisoners claimed to be held by Iraq since the 1990 Gulf War, the Gulf state's representatives at the conference blamed Jordanian and Palestinian residents of Kuwait during the war for "supporting Iraq or remaining silent on the invasion." 

"Many of them [Jordanian and Palestinians] who lived there betrayed the Kuwaitis and supported the Iraqis, and there were others who just remained silent," said Kuwaiti MP Mohammed Jasem Saqr. 

He added that the Kuwaitis "never harmed them. Kuwait was one of the countries that supported Jordanians and Palestinians and still does." 

But in an interview with, Jordanian Member of Parliament Khalil Haddadin said he believed "all Arabs should have backed Iraq during that time."  

Haddadin added that the Gulf war was not between Iraq and Kuwait, "it was between an Arab country [Iraq] and the imperialist United States."  

Saqr's comment echoed those made by the head of the Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation Jassem Khorafi to the IPU conference. 

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) said Friday that Khorafi "criticized the silence of the Jordanian and Palestinian majority towards the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, especially those who lived there during that time." 

KUNA said that Khorafi's criticism came during many meetings and seminars the delegation held during its stay in Amman. 

According to the agency, Khorafi expressed his regret because this majority remained silent at the time voices of the anti-Kuwait supporters were loud, giving a wrong impression about the Jordanian people whom Kuwaitis always had good relations with. 

"I think criticizing our Jordanian and Palestinian brothers is a way to tell them: we were there for you, but you were not. You let us down," Saqr said --  







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