hair loss gets younger, says renowned trichologist during UK house of commons address

Published October 28th, 2009 - 09:01 GMT

Lead Trichologist and Deputy Managing Director at Dr. Batras’ Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC, the world’s largest Homeopathic institution that has recently opened its subsidiary at Dubai Healthcare City, said that increasing stress levels, lifestyle diseases, and environmental changes, which affect the population worldwide, are leading to various hair loss disorders, especially amongst the younger population. In his recent address to the UK House of Commons, Dr Akshay Batra revealed that hair loss is getting younger, and that the past five years have shown a 250% increase in hair loss amongst men and women aged between 16 and 25. Dr Akshay Batra was addressing an eminent audience at the House of Commons to commemorate the 10th year of Trichological Society, London, UK, of which he is the Vice President.  

“From my personal experience as a Trichologist, I have seen that hair loss has severe consequences, both in the professional as well as personal lives of people ailing from this problem. It also affects them psychologically and socially, giving rise to inferiority complexes, lowered self-esteem, and depression”, said Dr Akshay Batra.

Since launching in Dubai in July this year, Dr Batra’s has seen an increasing number of patients for hair loss-related problems. The clinic will soon offer patients in the UAE the latest technology for diagnosing hair disorders, Trichosan, combined with the time proven goodness of Homeopathy. Across its clinics worldwide, over 50,000 hair patients are treated every month.


“The combination of Homeopathy and Trichology plays a pivotal role in addressing and treating hair disorders, in addition to healing people and changing lives”, added Dr Akshay Batra.

Dr Akshay Batra is also the youngest ever recipient and first Asian to receive the prestigious ‘Robert Olding Award’ accorded by The Trichological Society, London, and is amongst India’s 1st hair specialists to be part of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS), the world’s leading society for hair research.  He is also the only Asian and non Britisher to be selected as the Vice President of The Trichological Society, London, UK. Recently he enjoyed the privilege of addressing an eminent audience at the House of Commons to commemorate the 10th year of The Trichological Society.

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