Hala Gorani hosts ‘Inside the Middle East’ from Lebanon

Published February 27th, 2006 - 07:33 GMT

In this month’s edition of ‘Inside the Middle East’ presenter Hala Gorani travels to the Lebanese capital city of Beirut to host the monthly show.  The half-hour March programme examines drug problems in Iraq, is hosted on a visit to Bahrain’s Hawar Islands and explores the remarkable city of Casablanca.

The continuing violence in Iraq has led an alarming number of Iraqis to turn to prescription and illegal drugs. CNN Baghdad correspondent, Aneesh Raman, reports on this growing problem, and examines the factors contributing to its development.

‘Inside the Middle East’ also visits one of the Arab World’s most unique eco-systems, a cluster of islands owned by Bahrain, called the Hawar Islands.  CNN correspondent, Alphonso Van Marsh meets the King of Bahrain, his highness Shaikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and discusses how he aims to balance the development of aggressive tourism with the preservation of the marine and bird species that call the islands home.

Modern Casablanca began as a progressive urban planning project under French rule in the 1920’s when it was just a walled medina.  It is now one of the most striking Art Deco cities in the world. ‘Inside the Middle East’ presenter, Hala Gorani travels to Morocco to explore this remarkable city.

Inside the Middle East, hosted by Hala Gorani, is a half hour monthly voyage of discovery in a region rich in history and character. The programme travels to some of the region's most fascinating places and meets the people that are at the heart of the intrigue that the Middle East brings to CNN’s viewers around the world.


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