Hamas Warns PLO Council not to Compromise with Israel

Published July 3rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Palestinian Hamas group warned the Palestine Liberation Organization's Central Council on Sunday against compromising with Israel. 

"The only way to settle the Palestinian case is by Jihad (Islamic holy war)," said the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in a statement sent to the PLO's Central Council, which is meeting in Gaza City. 

Hamas, which violently opposes the peace process with the Jewish state and has carried out armed attacks, said the Palestinian leadership was playing into Israel's hands. 

"All that is going on now is the most dangerous turning point for the Palestinian people because its aim is to kill their case and do with the land, holy places and the people as the Zionists want," said Hamas in a statement obtained by AFP. 

The 129-member Central Council began a two-day meeting here to discuss plans to carry out independence from Israel this year with or without a peace agreement. 

Hamas rejected an invitation to the meeting. 

"We call for resistance of the occupation of Palestine on every place on the land. 

"Israel should be annihilated as is written in the holy Koran and this will be confirmed in the coming days, God willing. Their tyranny, corruption and stubbornness will be their end, God willing," said Hamas. 

The Islamic resistance group said it would not respect any peace deal reached with Israel.  

"Hamas will not accept any compromise of Palestinian land now or in the future, and any compromises made are not valid," the group said - GAZA CITY (AFP)  

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