Hamas winks at the international community

Published June 19th, 2012 - 11:55 GMT
Ismail Haniyeh
Ismail Haniyeh

The article written by the head of the Hamas government in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh in the British newspaper The Guardian raises a great interest in the Palestinian arena. Haniyeh wrote: " We extend our hand to all those who seek a just peace.... We as a people want to live in our homeland, the land of our ancestors, in freedom, dignity and democracy, and with a just peace that restores our rights."

Haniyeh called on the international community to provide real support for peace in the region, asserting that all Palestinians are reaching out to those who want to achieve peace for the region, and an end to the occupation and help the Palestinians in establishing their independent state recognized by the world.

Haniyeh made clear that he is fully aware that the achievement of this goal requires the achievement of Palestinian unity, which the Palestinians seek to achieve this time, but he stressed that there is external pressure designed to impede the efforts exerted in the context of achieving Palestinian national reconciliation.

Haniyeh expressed the desire to bring Palestine from its current state to a better future, through the realization of Palestinian national reconciliation and the formation of a coalition government representing the Palestinian people, which could open the door for free and fair Palestinian elections, calling the world to respect Palestinian democracy.

In conclusion, the Haniyeh article asserts that the Palestinians do not want to further bloodshed, but want to achieve justice and freedom for the Palestinian people, who have suffered from decades of repression, stressing that security for the Palestinians is in the interest of all peoples of the Middle East.

The Reaction by Fatah
The article sparked anger of many in Fatah, the political opponent of Hamas. First, the article is said to be an attempt to make contact with the Western world in order to gain legitimacy for Hamas in the international arena. Secondly, Hamas did not publish the article in its website, suggesting that it was written solely for propaganda reasons. Thirdly, Fatah expressed doubts over the credibility of its content.

A source from the Fatah movement, in a call with Nuqudy.com, expressed surprise about the Haniyeh article, saying that its contents demonstrated "trickery and cunning." Regarding Haniyeh's claim that Hamas is not interested in shedding more blood, and is only interested in gaining justice and rights for the Palestinians, the source said: "There have been attempts to reach a settlement over the past 25 years, but Haniyeh and his partners prevented any possibility of progress. How can Haniyeh say now he is for a just peace, security, and stability?"

The Fatah source said: "No one can teach us what is resistance as we lived the path of resistance before the founding of Hamas." But, according to the source, in 1988, the Palestinian national movement underwent change that led to the Oslo accords, but "Haniyeh and his partners had disrupted the process. They blocked the process until after the collapse of the Camp David talks and took advantage of the situation in order to arm the Palestinian arena to steal the Gaza Strip at the end of the day."

The source confirmed that Abu Mazen the President of the Palestinian National Authority put off entering into a deal with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in spring 2008 due to fear of the reaction from the Palestinian arena, especially by Hamas and its allies. "Now Haniyeh says that Hamas is reaching out to the international scene and wants a just peace? Instead of slogans, as a Haniyeh proposes in his article? What is the solution to the difficult situation against Hamas to the Palestinian people these days?"

The source added that there is open fear that Hamas is trying to take over the PLO through the word of reconciliation and that Haniyeh's Guardian article has no basis in truth at all. It is this spirit of reconciliation attempts by serious or not explicit.

Haniyeh does not speak in his article about the non-recognition of Israel or of anything Hamas has to offer in the political process. He is not talking about the border, but writing trivial slogans that are no longer of any benefit to the Palestinian cause.

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