Haram City Accommodates to its Growing Community

Published July 20th, 2010 - 02:21 GMT

As part of the Egyptian Government's National Housing Project, Orascom Housing Communities' (OHC) affordable housing development, Haram City, has grown from a mere concept into a fully integrated urban community.

With already 10,000 housing units complete of an anticipated 50,000 - 70,000, Haram City is home to more than 5,000 families today. The city is a growing integrated community, designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of the Egyptian population.

Elaborating on this concept, Omar Elhitamy, Managing Director of OHC, said "By supplying a crucial public requisite, Haram City is helping transform unmet needs into real demand. This means going beyond the basic concept of simply providing housing. Our vision is based on creating a fully integrated community where residents can access jobs, educate their children, and grow as people, families and as part of a community. In short, we hope that Haram City will offer a forum where residents are able to access the life they aspire to."

Already starting to address these aspirations, to date, Haram City hosts a government school and the Haram City Language School, stores, clinics, a cinema, houses of worship and is also in the process of establishing a sporting club. "Our aim is to create a real self-sustainable city with all that this entails; residents will have immediate access to all their daily life needs. As our city expands, so too will the scope and diversity of the services and facilities we offer. In essence, as a resident everything you need is instantly accessible within Haram City," said Elhitamy.

OHC's commitment to ensuring the ongoing viability of Haram City according to this vision is a unique point of differentiation emphasized by Elhitamy, "We have managed Haram City since the inception of the project and will continue to do so even afterthe project is completed. This includes overseeing and implementing maintenance services, managing commercial and retail facilities, on-site projects and responding to the overall needs of residents. Ultimately this will help ensure that Haram City is an organized, convenient, secure and healthy community that residents would be proud to belong to."

As part of OHC's dedication to the local community, Haram City hosts a foundation and two socially driven companies that match the city's core value, sustainability. Both these companies provide job opportunities within Haram City and develop the skills of existing employees. Ertiqaa, a waste recycling facility, promotes the conservation of the local environment, manages and reduces waste levels, which ultimately renders the city healthier and more pleasant environment to live in. Malaika, is an embroidery factory that teaches women embroidery techniques needed to develop cotton garments. Finally, Ana El Masry, a social foundation that has established a rehabilitation centre for homeless children within Haram City.

"As demand continues to increase, Haram City will constantly expand to meet the needs of a growing population who seek to be truly self sufficient," said Elhitamy.


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