Heavy clashes near Yemen-Saudi border

Published November 16th, 2009 - 01:37 GMT

Yemeni troops and Shiite rebels fought a fierce battle on Monday in the Malahidh area near the border with Saudi Arabia, an army spokesman said. "Violent fighting was taking place in the middle of the day on the Malahidh front after the army took total control of Jebel Khazaen," in the north of the Malahidh region, spokesman Askar Zuail told AFP.


The Yemeni Defense Ministry said on Monday that the army regained control of several hills in the Gharaz area southeast of Saada and cleared them landmines. Three rebels were captured in army assaults in Saada and two more in Aleb, the ministry said on its website.


According to the Yemeni army spokesman, intermittent "minor clashes" have taken place in Harf Sufian province.

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