Henkel Arabia ranks 2nd between 5 of the most innovative companies in Saudi Arabia

Henkel Arabia ranks 2nd between 5 of the most innovative companies in Saudi Arabia
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Published October 26th, 2010 - 10:09 GMT

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Henkel Arabia, one of the top names in the home & fabric care category and part of the Germany-based Fortune 500 Company Henkel, has been rated as one of the top innovative companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a prestigious recognition among some of the top brands in the country.

Henkel Arabia was named in the Ebtikarana – the Saudi innovation list, an annual survey aimed at measuring the level of innovation readiness, practices and accomplishments of Saudi Arabian organisations across the main business sector. Ebtikarana is a result of a strategic partnership between Al Eqtisadia, the leading Arabic business newspaper and Innovabia – Ebtikar Al Arabiya, based in Dubai Knowledge Village.

The Innovation list serves the market and the economy in general on the innovation space by helping management to look at innovation from the perspective of experts and comparing its status with other similar organizations from around the globe.

Henkel was recognized for its innovative strategy and leadership in consumer goods industry – for (1) its innovation culture, (2) world-class brands targeting local needs such as the Persil Abaya Shampoo, Persil Liquid Detergent for White Thobe and DAC Disinfectant as also (3) the various innovative marketing programs undertaken including the annual Arwa3 Abaya competition that is aired as part of MBC1 morning show.

"We are thrilled to be named among the most innovative organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a major shot in the arm for Henkel Arabia to be recognized for the innovation culture that we so aggressively nurture in our organization," said Memosh Khawaja, General Manager of Henkel Saudi Arabia. "To be recognized for our innovation in such a competitive landscape is especially gratifying as it validates the significant investment and progress we are making toward our goal of truly becoming a trusted consumer goods provider and in making a measurable difference in our consumers' lives."

The innovation in Henkel products in the region can be gauged from the fact that its Persil Abaya Shampoo offers the perfect level of Abaya cleanliness, with its revolutionary German 'black colour lock' technology, which protects the blackness of the Abaya and keeps as good as new after every wash. The biggest Abaya shop retailer in KSA, BEDOON ESSM, even recommends using only Persil Abaya Shampoo on black Abayas.

Similarly, because of the unique German Opti-Brite technology from Henkel gives Persil liquid detergent for white thobes gives the brightest whiteness wash after wash compared to mixing ordinary powdered detergent and bleach.

Last but not least, is DAC disinfectant where it is an example of innovation in category creation by giving 24 hour germ protection to homes and DAC is now trusted by the Saudi German Hospital.

"The unique product attributes are central to the Henkel's mandate to extend new product experiences, developed at the heart of consumer local needs and trends. The result is a package unlike that of any other business. It's not just about revenue growth and profit margins; it's about getting close to the consumers, becoming like a friend, and understand them completely. Then coming back with a list of product innovations and innovative activities that resonate with consumers and that they also find relevant. No business can succeed without thorough understanding of local consumers' needs, current trends, and even future expected trends," added Khawaja.

Henkel also organises the annual Arwa3 Abaya Competition, which was broadcasted on MBC 1 from May 10 on Mondays until June 28th. The competition, involved eight short listed amateur Abaya designers from the region, who showcased their designing talents and preparation footage to a select jury. Henkel's association with the competition is part of Persil Abaya Shampoo's strategy to bring to the fore the best Abaya design talent in the Middle East and give them a platform to succeed in life.

Experts in the field of systematic innovation confirm that the Ebtikarana innovation list goes a long way in increasing the level of general awareness in the importance of innovation for the business development and stimulates the interest in the basics and the best practices in the systematic innovation field.

Innovabia's business is to help regional organizations become more innovative by helping them drive their resources towards innovation through a process based on worldwide best practices and experiences in business space. 

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