HETEROCLITE, the French brand that stands out

Published October 13th, 2009 - 04:10 GMT

Attending Who’s Next, which will be held next October 11th to 13th in Dubai, the HETEROCLITE brand will exhibit a summer 2010 collection that shuffles colours, patterns and fabrics. This mid- to upscale, highly trendy ready-to-wear range is intended for all women, whether slim or not so slim, young or not so young. The brand’s main characteristic is its use of immersion dyeing, which allows for dyeing in a great number of plain or print colours.

The HETEROCLITE brand develops a wide range of women’s ready-to-wear: skirts, overalls, jackets, blouses, coats, trousers etc. With the immersion dyeing technique, it is possible to provide a great variety of plain or print colours on the widest diversity of material. As a result, the finished articles have exceptional colour execution thanks to being dyed on the garment itself, giving a brilliance that has no comparison with industrial dyes applied on to fabric. In addition, this technique allows country-specific customisation at no extra cost.

The brand chooses natural material (linen, cotton, silk), thus meeting the ecological demands of its targeted clientele: ecologically-aware women, with established purchasing power (in the 35 to 65 year-old bracket) and who like to stand out through wearing original attire. Whatever their size – the brand fits sizes 38 to 56 (12 to 30 UK) – women will maintain a young, elegant look thanks to the way the fabrics flow as they hang. The brand has another benefit, in that the collections are worked out in such a way as to facilitate the combination of the various garments with one another.

The summer 2010 Collection’s “dye-ready” themes come in a wide variety to satisfy all fancies: Botticelli (thick linen, intense weave, natural colour), Cézanne (chevron weave linen, slightly satiny and bright), Warhol (ethereal cotton voile).

The mesh unveils refined, highly delicate silhouettes: Dali (Jersey), Marcelli (Jersey and smooth mesh), Michel-Ange (ruffled mesh).

As for the patterns, they include check, ethnic, graphic and floral prints, stripes and dots. For their part, the inevitable plain fabrics remain the collection’s mainstay.

HETEROCLITE works in partnership with a Polish partner and a Moroccan company whose production capacity ensures further potential development.

Distributed throughout Europe via multi-brand stores, HETEROCLITE wishes at the same time to set up a partner shops network structure.

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