Hezbollah 'destroys' Daesh base in Syrian mountains: source

Published April 3rd, 2015 - 04:19 GMT

Hezbollah "destroyed" an ISIS (Daesh) base in Syria's western Qalamoun mountain range Friday, causing casualties, a security source said.

The source told The Daily Star that Hezbollah hit the jihadi hideout in the area of Khachaat with three rockets.

The number and type of casualties was not known.

Elements of ISIS, the Nusra Front and other Syrian rebel groups have been fighting each other and against forces allied to the Syrian government in the Qalamoun mountain range over the past two years.

Fighting intensified following the Syrian government's capture of the western city of Yabroud last March. The capture of the city sent rebel fighters fleeing towards the Qalamoun mountains, along the border with Lebanon.

In October, Nusra fighters in Qalamoun launched a surprise attack on Hezbollah posts on the outskirts of the eastern Lebanese towns of Brital and Nahle, killing eight.

The Lebanese Army has also clashed intermittently with Qalamoun-based rebels along Lebanon's eastern border.

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