Hezbollah angered by Kerry's remarks on Lebanon

Published November 7th, 2013 - 03:49 GMT
Secretary of State John Kerry. [UPI/Kevin Dietsch]
Secretary of State John Kerry. [UPI/Kevin Dietsch]

Hezbollah’s bloc criticized Thursday U.S. Secretary John Kerry’s recent remarks on the party, describing it as a blatant interference in Lebanon’s affairs as it urged the government to act on the recently installed Israeli spy devices along the border.

"Remarks by U.S. Secretary [John Kerry] in his recent visit to Riyadh about Hezbollah and its role in Lebanon's future are a blatant interference which is rejected and condemned,” Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah said, reading the bloc’s statement after its weekly meeting.

The bloc also urged the March 14 coalition to take a stance on Kerry's remarks, slamming what his bloc described as the coalition’s “call for sovereignty.”

During a news conference in Saudi Arabia earlier this week, Kerry voiced support for the formation of a government in Lebanon in the absence of intimidation by Hezbollah.

Kerry also said that it was important to prevent Hezbollah from defining the country's future.

The bloc further commented on claims that Israel had set up spying stations along the border with Lebanon, saying such actions violated Lebanon’s privacy.

“Available information about the suspicious activities of the Zionist enemy along the Blue Line indicate that there are modern electronic transmissions and spying devices installed atop towers placed at various points from the coast of Naqoura to the Kfar Shuba Hills,” the bloc said.

Describing the devices as a national challenge and an insult, the Hezbollah MPs also said that the information gathered by the group indicate that the devices are “very sensitive and pose a danger to Lebanon's security and the privacy of Lebanese using their phones, internet or any means of communications.”

The Telecommunications Ministry confirmed to The Daily Star Wednesday that Israel had recently set up spying stations along the Blue Line before and after the 2006 war.

Israel also erected devices that were directed toward major mobile phone stations in Lebanon to wiretap phone conversations, the sources said.

The bloc asked for action on the governmental level and stressed the need to outline a plan in order to stop such a violation.

Hezbollah also reiterated that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is a political one, stating that any resolution in that direction should preserve Syria’s sovereignty and the right of the Syrian people to make their own decision over their future.

The bloc added that peace talks with Israel are futile and that the only viable choice is the resistance against it to achieve the ambitions of the Palestinians in liberating their land and ending the occupation.

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