Higher demand for ‘knowledge professionals’, cross-level communication rank among top HR trends

Published November 16th, 2009 - 02:58 GMT


A growing demand for ‘knowledge professionals’ and the adoption of better organisational communication models were just some of the major human resource trends identified in a recent Careertunity report on labour market trends influenced by the global financial turmoil.


A Careertunity survey of top executives and HR practitioners showed that more companies are searching for ‘knowledge professionals’ with a high degree of technological competency who are innovative, business savvy and ambitious. Data also revealed that more organisations are shifting from the traditional top-down communication model to cross-level communication. Careertunity reports that the global crisis has highlighted the need for human resources that can respond quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing work and business environments.


“The various HR trends we are witnessing have been mostly influenced by the downturn, but they will definitely have long-term effects on HR practices. We can see a higher preference for personnel who are capable of multitasking beyond their job assignments, especially into IT functions. There is also the growing trend towards HR outsourcing, which not only helps reduce operational overhead but enables companies to focus on their core processes as well,” said Bharti Jatti, General Manager, Careertunity.


The Careertunity report acknowledged a greater emphasis among international HR departments on functions such as relocation, orientation and translation to quickly acclimatize employees with their new work environments. It also pointed to an increasing adoption of HR outsourcing as a long-term business strategy rather than as a short-term downsizing tool. The new HR trends are influencing greater integration of employee aspirations into corporate goals through appropriate HR policies.


Results confirmed initial signs of recovery across the Middle East employment markets after the peak of the credit crunch in 2008, with the Gulf in particular showing significant progress. More positive movements are expected in the next few months in growth sectors such as retail, health care, education and renewable energy. Vibrant markets such as the UAE, which posted a 16 per cent increase in private sector salaries in 2008 despite the downturn, are expected to sustain HR development into areas such as policies, worker motivation, enhanced organisational relations, technology proficiency, and quality consciousness.


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