Hizbollah: US-Led Anti-Terror Campaign Won't Stop Resistance

Published October 23rd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The Lebanese Hizbollah movement pledged on Monday that the international campaign against terrorism would not derail their resistance to Israel's armed forces until they were “out of the occupied Shabaa Farms.” 

Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah’s secretary general, cited the Monday attack on Israeli troops inside Shabaa Farms as a part of the “resistance operation.” 

Israel claims the occupied area belongs to Syria. However, Syria says the farms are Lebanese soil that should have been vacated by Israel when its troops pulled out of south Lebanon in 2000, leaving behind countless orphans and numerous minefields. 

Nasrallah was quoted by the Beirut-based Daily Star as saying “today’s resistance operation is not a new thing since our land is still occupied. Just as we never feared the noise of the fleets in the world, we will not be scared now. We have to be more alert and prepared than we were before Sept. 11.” 

Nasrallah sent a clear message to the international campaign against terrorism, saying “Let everyone be assured … that Hizbollah’s convictions, jihad, course of action, resistance and objectives will not change.” 

US authorities have distributed a list of alleged terrorists in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks in which almost 6,000 people were killed. 

“We condemn the listing of some of these names as terrorists, not because we are worried, but because those who prepared terrorist lists do not have the right to do so since they are the number one and greatest terrorists in the world,” he added. 

His remarks came hours after the tension between the resistance movement and Israeli troops soared in the southern part of Lebanon. 

Hizbollah fighters mounted a large-scale attack, firing 20 missiles and mortar shells at Israeli outposts in Rowsat Allam and Jabal Summaq, which both overlook the Shabaa Farms, said the Star. 

An eyewitness was quoted by the daily as saying that smoke rose from both Israeli posts, which were targeted earlier during Hizbollah’s October 3 attack. 

In a statement issued shortly after the attacks, Hizbollah confirmed the operation, saying that after monitoring the movements of Israeli soldiers in the outposts, the artillery unit of the Islamic resistance group directed mortar fire at both outposts, “scoring direct hits.” 

The attack was followed later by a response in the form of Israeli missiles, targeted at a hill near the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Shuba. 

And the Israel army swooped over the border village of Kfar Shuba, firing at least one hundred 155-millimeter shells near there and Shabaa, as well as on the village of Kfar Hamam and the neighboring border villages of Bastara and Halta, AFP reported. 

However, no casualties were reported in the attacks and counter-attacks – Albawaba.com

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