Hope for the Future of Iraq, Ayad Jamal Aldin to Launch New Party

Published October 31st, 2009 - 08:57 GMT
This Saturday, October 31 2009, Ayad Jamal Aldin MP and between 500-600
supporters, will launch a new political movement - Ahrar - to finally meet
the grassroots needs of all Iraqis - jobs, electricity and running water.

    Described by world-renowned New York Times columnist Tom Friedman as
having 'the courage to tell it [the truth]' on Iraq, Ayad Jamal Aldin MP will
bring real change to Iraq. He will stand up to a corrupt government that is
more focused on its own self-interest than on the Iraqi people. Mr. Jamal
Aldin is receiving strong support from across the country - in all areas -
with strong financial backing from people of all walks of life.

    He will say, "To those who now play the sectarian card - the card of
division and violence - I say that we are the sons and daughters of the same
nation, the same people and the same land." His message, and a powerful ad
campaign, will focus on demonstrating the hollowness of Maliki's claims to
have brought security and stability to Iraq.

    Mr. Jamal Aldin is the only man who stood up to Maliki - and then
Allawi's coalition - because of their close ties to Iran, and their
collective failures to deliver a better life for Iraqis. He will comment
that, "Iraq has become a playground for interference from our neighbours,"
and that it is for the Iraqi people - nobody else - to decide their future in

    He will launch a new grassroots campaign saying, "for people to die of
thirst in the 'Land of the Two Rivers' is nothing short of a catastrophe.
Iraqis deserve a better life. We are a rich country with a poor population,
and poverty knows no difference between a poor Christian, a poor Kurd or a
poor Shia... That is what makes your heart bleed, and that is what Ahrar will

    Alongside nearly 50 new Sunni, Shia and Kurdish candidates, he will
launch a campaign for One, secular Iraq. Ahrar is open to all, and will
select its candidates by having Sunnis select Shia candidates, and Shias
select Sunnis and will encourage a significant portion to be women and young

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