Hotel Threatened with Boycott for Hosting Israeli Embassy Reception

Published May 9th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Fourteen Jordanian professional unions have threatened a boycott of an Amman hotel if it hosts an Israeli embassy reception Wednesday commemorating the 52nd anniversary of the Jewish state's creation. 

The Council of Professional Unions, which is dominated by Islamists, has told the Safir Imperial Hotel it will not hold any union functions at the hotel if the event goes forward, Counsel secretary general Mahmud Abu Ghoneima told AFP. 

"We ask the hotel to consider the fact that the occasion celebrated by the embassy is the usurpation of Palestine," Ghoneima said. 

Israeli embassy spokesman Roey Gilaad declined to comment on the counsel's warning. No comment could be obtained from the hotel. 

The embassy has already made invitation cards for the event that list the Safir Imperial Hotel as the venue. 

Ghoneima said the unions launched a similar boycott last year after the Israeli embassy held the reception at the Radisson Sas. The council leader said the boycott led the hotel not to host the event this year. 

The Radisson Sas' management recently defended itself in a message published in the Jordanian press, saying it hosted the reception "solely for commercial reasons" and said it did not know the decision would hurt Jordanians' feelings. 

Jordan's professional unions have strongly opposed any normalization of relations with Israel, despite the two countries' 1994 peace treaty -- AMMAN (AFP) 


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