Houthi rebels take district in Dali province from pro Hadi forces

Published November 8th, 2015 - 12:51 GMT

Yemen’s Houthi fighters, backed by allied army units, have taken a district in the southwestern part of the war-stricken country.

Yemeni forces took the district, which was controlled by forces loyal to the former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, in the southwestern province of Dali', after fierce clashes on Saturday.

Yemen’s al-Masirah TV, meanwhile, said Houthi fighters and the army units sank another Saudi military vessel in the country’s southwestern waters as it was sailing off the coast of Mocha in the Red Sea.

It was not immediately clear how the allied forces managed to sink the vessel but it came hours after two Saudi boats were destroyed in the same area by rounds of Katyusha rockets fired from the positions of Houthi and the Yemeni army on the mainland.

Al-Masirah added that the Saudi warship was completely destroyed in the Saturday attack, noting that it was the fourth vessel belonging to the Saudi government and its allies to have been drowned over the past months.

The Saudi government has sent its vessels around the coasts of Yemen in an attempt to support its airstrikes and to maintain a crippling blockade on the poorest nation of the Arabian Peninsula.

Houthi fighters have also continued attacks on Saudi positions both at sea and on the kingdom’s southern territories in retaliation for the seven-month-long airstrikes, which have killed over 7,000 people and displaced more than one million in the impoverished country since March 26.

Saudi warplanes in their latest combat sorties bombed several locations across Yemen. A woman was killed and two children were wounded as a residential area in Sana’a Province was pounded. Earlier, warplanes hit two bridges in a border district in the province of Sa’ada.

The Saudi blockade on Yemen over the past months has hampered aid shipments to the country, which imports 90 percent of its food.

Yemen’s Health Ministry said on Saturday that all of its ambulances have stopped working over the lack of gas in the country, which is under a harsh embargo imposed by the Saudi government.

Yemeni health officials have called on humanitarian organizations to help save the lives of millions of people who do not have access to health and medical services in the country.

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