Houthis Detain 10 Cargo Ships, Oil Tankers in Hodeidah Port

Published October 7th, 2018 - 07:31 GMT
Hodeidah port (Twitter)
Hodeidah port (Twitter)

The Houthi militia has detained 10 cargo ships and oil tankers in Hodeidah port, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported, citing the Yemeni government.

Minister of Local Administration and head of the Higher Relief Committee, Abdul-Sareq Fatah, said the militia had prevented ships from unloading their cargos, which also included food. He called on the United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lisa Grande, to intervene and pressure the Houthis into releasing the ships to allow them to unload their cargo.

The minister said among the ships detained, one arrived Sept. 28 with 10,955 tons of diesel and 9,025 tons of petrol, while another ship arrived on Oct. 3 carrying 5,700 tons of flour and sugar, according to a statement issued by Yemen's official news agency.

The Yemeni official said the action coincided with the Houthis’ plans to incite a crisis of oil derivatives and increasing their fees, strengthening black-market sales.




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