Houthis Force Dozens of Yemeni Families to Leave Villages Near Hodeidah Clashes

Published September 11th, 2018 - 10:03 GMT
Yemen-i displaced family (Twitter)
Yemen-i displaced family (Twitter)

The Yemeni national army captured a number of villages and positions in southern Hodeidah from the Iran-backed Houthi militias, as battles intensified between them in the vicinity of the Kilo 16 area at the eastern entrance of Hodeidah city.

The Houthis, meanwhile, forced dozens of families to leave the villages near the clashes. In the lower villages of Jaribah, the militias deliberately began firing mortar shells as the locals were evacuating the area. The shelling killed a young woman and wounded her mother.

The pro-legitimacy Al-Amaleqa Brigades transferred the injured citizens to the al-Mokha Field Hospital.

The Brigades quoted displaced citizens as saying that the militias forced them to leave their villages in Kilo 16 without giving them the opportunity to take their possessions, which were eventually looted by the Houthis.

Sulaiman Ayyash, a resident of al-Durayhimi district, who explained that the Houthis planted several mines in villages and roads that are still under their control, as well as in the areas that are now under army control.

A displaced family fell victim to one of the road mines and the injured were taken by the national army to hospital, said Ayyash.

On the field, fierce clashes erupted between the army, backed by the Saudi-led Coalition to Support the Legitimacy, and militias on the west coast front, especially in the villages near Kilo 16, and in the Saada province, the Houthi stronghold. This coincided with Coalition air raids on Houthi reinforcements on the west coast, Saada and Sarwah front in Marib.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, the Amaleqa Brigades said they succeeded in liberating several military positions overlooking the road between Kilo 10 and Kilo 16 amid a total collapse in Houthi ranks.

The Brigades captured the al-Jeel al-Jadid school, which the militias had turned into a military barracks. The Houthis had installed large military equipment on the school campus so that it could be targeted by Coalition strikes.

In Saada, government forces advanced on the Aktaf front and liberated several areas in al-Boujbara valley, as the Houthis fled the area. Earlier, the army had liberated the Adyaq and Mahjooba Mountains in al-Baqaa district.

The army was able to recover a number of ammunition and weapons left behind by the militants.


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