Huge Increase in Saudi Infrastructure Investment is Driving Growth in Construction Sector

Published October 27th, 2009 - 08:23 GMT

Despite the unfavourable economic climate witnessed in most countries,
Saudi Arabia has retained enviable growth rates due to massive oil reserves
and a sound financial system. The Saudi government's ambitious investment
programs, highlighted by the development of economic cities across the
kingdom, continue to attract private investment and a multitude of


    This increasing emphasis on mega developments, iconic buildings and
massive infrastructure projects, coupled with difficult ground conditions,
makes it increasingly difficult to guarantee foundation solutions that will
not fail.


    Only the best piling and foundation contractors are able to implement
safe and sustainable foundations for a development at enviable costs. Backed
by technical acumen and the latest equipment, they are able to drastically
reduce the costs and time of a project.


    But in truth it is an extensive knowledge of working throughout the
Kingdom that allows reputable contractors to fully optimize on design and
minimize the time taken to complete a project.


    The biggest piling contractors in Saudi Arabia will discuss some of their
more innovative work at the Piling & Deep Foundations Saudi Arabia summit on
7 - 10 November 2009 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Riyadh.


    IQPC's Piling & Deep Foundations Saudi Arabia is part of the Piling &
Deep Foundations series of events. Conferences in the Middle East and Asia
have already brought together over 500 engineers from the geo-world.


    Prof. Harry Poulos, Senior Principal, Coffey Geotechnics, and Professor,
University of Sydney, describes these conferences as "excellent events, well
organized, with good speakers on relevant topics".


    Sunil Manchanda, Principal Structural Engineer, KEO International
Consultants, described the most recent Piling & Deep Foundations Summit in
the Middle East as "a remarkable effort to collect so many experts at one


    New techniques of foundation design and construction where boulders and
cavities exist will be addressed through interactive discussion. Innovative
designs for systems in collapsing and expanding soils, and piling work in
Jeddah's coralline strata, will also be shared at length through unique case

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