The Human Cannonball Fires Away in Global Village

Published December 7th, 2009 - 10:10 GMT

Global Village, a member of Tatweer and the region’s entertainment, shopping, and cultural attraction located in Dubailand, offers a nerve-wracking series of performances from the world’s highest-flying human cannonball, David “The Bullet” Smith Jr. Performing till December 21, ‘The Bullet’, as David is famously known, is amazing park goers with his daredevil act. 

The Human Cannonball Show starring ‘The Bullet’ is being staged at Global Village for the very first time and David is wowing audiences with his electrifying stunt that requires precision science and a copious amount of courage.

Before embarking to whiz himself into the air from a cannonball, David does numerous stretches to physically and mentally prepare him for the show. He thoroughly checks his equipment, a 176-feet cannon barrel that fires into the air at a 50-degree angle. When the show begins, David introduces himself, his crew, and his family’s history. He then moves on to make the final check on the cannon and on the net (where he should exactly land). The nerve-wracking countdown begins and in a matter of seconds, ‘The Bullet’ is fired off into the air and is hazily visible until he safely lands on the net. 

“I am so thrilled to perform here at Global Village. In every tour, I am always anxious at the results of the very first show. But after the first night here at Global Village, and after seeing the genuine smiles and appreciation from the crowd, I was very satisfied and I’m excited to continuing my show in the coming days,” said David.

The Guinness Book of World Records provides an account on how The Bullet and his father David Sr. consistently battled over the best titles. As of the moment, The Bullet holds the highest flying record while his father is the farthest flying human cannonball. This family heritage all began when David Sr., a college gymnast and math teacher, developed the cannons that would fit humans. The exact science and composition of the cannons are only known to father and son.  

David had his very first Human Cannonball Show at the age of 19, and takes pride in carrying on the family legacy. For almost 13 years now, he has performed over 5000 cannonball shows around the world. From breaking the world distance record early in his career to blasting over incredible obstacles such as Ferris wheels, concert stages, and even part of the Grand Canyon, David has taken a traditional circus act and transformed it into a worldwide thrill show.

No stranger to danger, ‘The Bullet’ has faced the unknown, fear, and injury in his quest to find a place among the top of the world’s most spectacular stunt performers. As he concluded, “There are a lot of inconveniences in what I do. I’m always on the road, never home, but when I find myself like in Global Village, in a brand new country to explore, I realized that I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. It is not too many people that get to have the chance at being the best on something in their lifetime. I want to do things better and better. I thrive on that.”

The Human Cannonball Show is available for free viewing twice a day, six times a week, during a limited run till December 21. Come to Global Village, head towards the Sri Lanka Pavilion or from behind the food court, and witness the breathtaking, heart-stopping stunts that would simply awe you.

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