human error is involved in over 90% of all accidents and injuries in a workplace

Published September 24th, 2009 - 09:22 GMT

Safety and Health experts to explore solutions at the Intersec trade fair and conference
Human error and unsafe behaviour accounts for almost 90% of all accidents, including those caused by inexperienced and unskilled workers. Intersec trade fair and conference, due to take place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 17 to 19, 2010, will feature “Workplace Safety,” as a pivotal topic this year.
Intersec trade fair and conference is the largest event for commercial security, IT security, safety & health, fire & rescue, and homeland security & policing in the Middle East and beyond. It plays a major role in reflecting the security industry worldwide.
The most common cause of accidents or industrial accidents is often attributed to human error such as operational error, judgmental error, or job-related error, all of which are caused by human characteristics. Most of these errors are said to be associated with psychological factors affecting human behaviour.
Intersec 2010 will for the first time present an industry-led approach to major topics in the health and safety industry. Leading exhibitors as well as local industry experts will be discussing the latest issues and trends in the industry at the ‘Safety and Health Forum’.

Enhancing safety and health practices at work is vital for employees and companies across all industries, all over the world, and is of particular significance in the Middle East, the region has witnessed massive growth especially in the construction industry, oil & gas, the energy markets in general and the manufacturing sectors. Dubai has initiated numerous new projects, construction phases and developments across the entire city marking the emirate as one of the world’s leading business hubs. Other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ajman are following.

Intersec trade fair and conference in 2010 will host an Indoor Demonstration Area which provides safety and health exhibitors with the option of demonstrating their products and/or services effectively on a larger scale and in a more interactive atmosphere.

The ‘Safety and Health’ segment will have widespread appeal to those involved in construction, law enforcement, municipalities, federal government, hospitality, health care, industrial manufacturing, as well as transportation.
Construction site falls are second only to motor vehicles accidents as a cause of fatalities. Each year, falls account for a high number of victims in the construction industry. These types of accidents often involve a number of variables, including unstable working surfaces, mishandling of fall protection equipment, and human error.
After its successful introduction during Intersec 2009, the special fall protection display will also be created to offer companies in the field of work & rescue at height, a dedicated platform to present and demonstrate their products in a more exclusive way.
Over 80% crane-related accidents are caused by human error. Cranes share the potential for disaster when they are not operated safely.
Scaffolding accidents, another leading cause of construction site accidents and death, often result from negligent assembly and maintenance. Most of the injuries resulting from scaffold accidents are caused by either the planking or supports failing, or by the employee slipping or being struck by a falling object.
Welding, cutting, and brazing are dangerous activities that pose a hazardous combination to both safety and health. Employers are required to ascertain all exposures to hazards in their workplace and determine the protective equipment that must be used to safeguard their workers.
Many safety, health, and environmental professionals rely on Intersec trade fair and conference to further their education, learn about the latest products and services, and network with other experts in the industry. The key exhibitors showcasing the latest in safety and health include BM Polyco, BW Technologies by Honeywell, BSI, DuPont, Everlux, HAIX, Honeywell Analytics, Honeywell Life Safety, JSP, Lenzing, MSA, Sperian Protection, Draeger Safety and many other leading companies.

Safety training is ultimately important to support the implementation of minimum safety standards and health and safety regulations. Given the market volume, particularly of the construction industry in the Middle East, this seems to be a tough task but proves to be feasible.
The disasters caused by human errors are serious, because the automation in the construction is difficult and a lot of workers support the construction work. The larger the number of workers who work on the site is, the higher the possibility that human errors cause accidents.
 The 12th edition of Intersec trade fair and conference in 2010 is projected to be the largest yet, with over 710 exhibitors from 50 countries and over 17,200 trade visitors from 96 countries.


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