Inaugural “Islamic History Week” at Dubai Women’s College

Published December 28th, 2009 - 02:56 GMT
Dubai Women’s College (DWC) Bachelor of Business students inaugurated the first Islamic History Week at DWC Student Centre. The event was held from December 20-24, 2009 and showcased a photographic gallery of art, architecture and scientific drawings from the Golden Age of Islam.
As part of their “History of the Arab People” course - students decided to share knowledge and promote awareness of the Islamic history among DWC staff and students. In addition to the photographic display, students produced a series of mini-documentaries focusing on renowned Islamic scholars, such as Al Khwarizmi, Ibn Sin and Al Haythem, from the famous House of Wisdom in Baghdad.
The study of history at DWC promotes global awareness, critical thinking and academic research skills, all vitally important to young DWC graduates. As the late HH Sheikh Zayed noted, “Those who have no knowledge of their past have no present or future”. DWC students were taking a look back before moving forward, armed with deeper understanding of how Islamic societies operate, and a stronger ability to analyze events from a critical and historical perspective.

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