Incredible Bonus Minutes on Qtel International Packs

Published December 20th, 2009 - 12:49 GMT

Customers who use Qtel’s International Packs will get extra amazing value this month, as Qtel adds even more call minutes to every pack between now and January 15. This offer is available to existing and new customers of International Packs.

The new International Packs offer a set number of minutes at specially-reduced rates, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to make international calls. Customers who buy the packs can use their allocated minutes to call any overseas destination, at no extra charge, whenever they want to.

By making more minutes available in every pack, Qtel is helping customers enjoy an effective call rate as low as QR0.35 per minute – one of the lowest rates ever available to all destinations.

Qtel offers four options for International Minutes Packs:  a QR 50 International Pack, with 30 minutes of talk time and 20 bonus minutes; the QR100 International Pack with 100 call minutes, with 20 bonus minutes; the QR 200 International Pack, with 200 call minutes and 50 bonus minutes; and the QR 500 International Pack, with 500 call minutes and 150 holiday bonus minutes.

For a limited period, Qtel is adding bonus minutes automatically for all new and existing customers, creating a massive allocation of international minutes in every pack.

The QR 50 International Pack is expanding by 50 additional bonus minutes, to take the total minutes in every pack to 100, offering an effective international call rate of QR 0.50 per minute.

Qtel’s QR100 International Pack gains an additional 100 bonus minutes, taking the total to 220 minutes for us, or an effective call rate of QR 0.45 per minute, while the QR 200 pack is growing to 500 total minutes, with an effective call rate of QR 0.4 per minute.

Finally, the most advanced International Pack is the selection, the QR500, is gain a whopping 775 additional bonus call minutes, providing an incredible 1,425 total call minutes, with an effective call rate of QR 0.35 per minute to every international destination in the world.

As the leading operator in Qatar, Qtel offers the widest range of international call options to its customers, to ensure they benefit from more choice and great value.
As part of the ongoing “Fuel Your Senses” campaign, Qtel has ensured that every communication option offers real value in international calling rates, and has worked hard to deliver great rates that can be relied upon across all international destinations.

Standard Hala and Shahry international calls now cost QR0.55 per minute, all day, every day until January 15. This offer is complemented by a special bonus selection on Dawli MENA and Dawli ASIA cards, which provide calls to a range of popular destinations for only QR 0.45 per minute.

Now, with the addition of the additional minutes to International Packs, every Qtel customer can enjoy some of the most exciting international rates in Qatar’s history, so that people can talk for longer to friends and loved ones abroad.

Qtel is extending its initial bonus minutes promotion with International Packs to January 15, with the special “Bonus Plus” promotion running to the same date. All bonus minutes must be used before January 15.

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