Indonesia air force cargo plane crashes, kills 113 people onboard

Published June 30th, 2015 - 12:35 GMT

The head of Indonesia's Air Force staff has said that at least 113 people were killed when an air force cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff Tuesday into a busy residential area of North Sumatra's provincial capital

"There were 12 crew members and 101 passengers on board," Agus Supriyatna told Indonesian news site on Tuesday.

"All of them are dead."

More victims are expected to be found, as the recovery team is trying to lift the plane's fuselage from a car and segments of two buildings it brought down when it crashed.

"I hope the fuselage can soon be lifted so if there are any victims underneath they can be immediately evacuated to the hospital," added Supriyatna.

Images obtained by Anadolu Agency at the site showed that the plane had crushed houses and cars. Smoke billowed from the aircraft's wreckage as rescue teams frantically searched for survivors.

The Hercules cargo plane was carrying 12 crew when it crashed at 12.08 (0608GMT). In addition to the army personnel, family members were also reported to be on board.

Indonesian news site reported that the pilot had requested permission to return to Soewondo Air Force Base in Medan shortly after takeoff.

Military spokesperson Major General Fuad Basya earlier told Anadolu Agency "We don't know yet why it crashed... Army commander General Moeldoko has ordered an investigation."

The plane had been headed to Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands province, on a logistics mission.

By Ainur Rohmah

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