INJAZ Brings the Business World into Qatar’s Classrooms

Published April 1st, 2009 - 01:26 GMT

INJAZ Brings the Business World into Qatar’s Classrooms
60 corporate volunteers deliver work readiness education to Qatar’s students.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, 18 companies across Qatar have been partnering with INJAZ to deliver a series of courses focusing on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

For one hour each week over a three month period, these companies have been sending senior staff into Qatari schools to deliver a course produced by INJAZ.

The 60 “corporate volunteers” have been acting as mentors, equipping young people with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to succeed in the global economy.

Participating companies include AMWAL, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, HSBC, Carnegie Mellon University, Exxon Mobil, Deloitte and Touche, Al Kahliji Bank, Arab Engineering Bureau and Blue Salon. Other participating organizations also include Qtel, NBK, RasGas, Idarat, the Ministry of Business and Trade, Qatar University as well as several companies licensed by QFCA such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, BDO Jawad Habib, Badri and Salim Meouchi Law Firm, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Global Investment House.

Sheikha Hanadi Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani, Founder & Chairperson of INJAZ Qatar, Founder and Chairperson of AMWAL said INJAZ provides vital tools for young people to give them confidence to enter the workforce within the current uncertain economic climate.

“Today, developing entrepreneurial skills while teaching youth about how to budget, save, use credit wisely will benefit society in the long-term as they are the next generation of business leaders,” Sheikha Hanadi said.  “And who else is better equipped to teach young people these concepts than the current generation of business leaders?”

Stuart Pearce CEO of QFCA and Board member of INJAZ Qatar said “the orgnisation was encouraging their licensed firms to participate in the INJAZ program to help develop new local talent for Qatar’s workforce of the future”.

“This is in line with our commitment to help stimulate a greater interest in the private sector as a future career and part of our duty to the firms we are attracting to the Qatar market”, said  Pearce. 

 Fayza Saad, INJAZ Qatar Director says corporate volunteers are the spirit of INJAZ, : “When a corporate person walks into a class it is a new experience for the students who are eager to learn about the real business world. These volunteers turn into role models, mentors and it is thanks to them and to their companies that INJAZ inspires the next generation of professionals”...

The scheme not only helps equip students with vital skills for the future, but enriches the experience of the mentors working in the program.

INJAZ provides a short specialized training to help prepare volunteers to deliver one of its courses. Volunteers learn about the classroom environment and how to communicate with teenagers, while testing key facilitation techniques such as brainstorming, group work and open discussions. Besides inspiring the next generation of professionals corporate volunteers put to the test their own communication skills with a group of 25 students.

“Through my INJAZ experience”, says Lina Sabrawi Principal Human Resources at Al Khaliji Bank, “I have grown as an individual but also I feel I have contributed to a great cause.”

INJAZ Qatar is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, the world’s largest and fastest growing organization dedicated to economic education. Since September 2007, INJAZ Qatar has reached 1,450 students across 12 independent and government schools.


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