The Innovator in Atmospheric Water Technology Establishes A Solid Presence in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) Region Through United Trade Egypt

Published October 18th, 2009 - 10:12 GMT

EcoloBlue USA, the leader in the field of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) and Solar and Wind Energy has launched in Egypt and the MEA region through its Official Authorized Distributor, United Trade Egypt. The launch of the EcoloBlue Product Line is a first in the Egyptian market and the region as a whole, offering innovative and environment friendly solutions to the ongoing problems of pollution and the availability of 100% pure drinking water.

Pure, drinkable water is fast becoming a scarcity in the world as a whole and the region in particular. The main idea behind EcoloBlue products is the fact that water is available all around us. The genius is how to make it available in pure drinking form. EcoloBlue provides state-of-the-art AWG technology in condensing the humidity in the air and converting it into pure drinking water.

The EcoloBlue lines are available in various capacities and are especially tailored to fit the needs of a wide array of consumer segments. Whether a home, business, office or factory, the EcoloBlue product range, from the 28L to the giant 5000L tanks, guarantees the availability of purified drinking water on a daily basis through a simple, safe, ecologically friendly condensation and purification process.

EcoloBlue, by providing an ecological solution, encourages everyone who wants to participate in making a difference to reduce the world's pollution and foremost allows millions of people access to pure drinkable Water in the most remote and not so remote areas of the world.


Mr. Mohamed Makami, Chairman, United Trade Egypt said, "We are very pleased to be the official representative of EcoloBlue in Egypt and the MEA region. The technology and unparalleled benefits that EcoloBlue provides to the environment and its efforts in finding innovative solutions to the growing problems of pollution and water scarcity make us proud to be partners in the ever-growing success of the EcoloBlue product range. We look forward to bringing to the market more and more innovations from EcoloBlue that aid in the conservation of the environment and the provision of necessities that are becoming harder to find on a day to day basis."


The EcoloBlue product range is available from capacities as little as 28L, especially tailored to fit the needs of home, boat, adventure enthusiasts and other civilian consumers. The EcoloBlue Industrial Line, which includes the 200L – 500L - 1,000L - 3,000L and 5,000L, is designed with the special considerations required for businesses, oil rigs, factories, agricultural facilities, plants and the various types of industrial consumers that need the round the clock availability of pure drinking water.


To ensure the presence of purified drinking water, EcoloBlue uses a multi-stage filtration system free of chemicals, using the “Reverse Osmosis†and the “Ultra Violet†filters, while the “Electrostatic Anti-bacteria & Anti-fungus†in both the home/office and industrial machines. The water ready for drinking can also be hot or cold 200°F or 40°F (95°c or 5°c.) The industrial machines can be connected to a city water main line, and “play the role†of filtering only the water.

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