Insurance affiliations create access for patients in the region to world class eye care in Dubai

Insurance affiliations create access for patients in the region to world class eye care in Dubai
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Published September 27th, 2010 - 11:07 GMT

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Health insurance affiliations are helping to create access to some of the best eye care in the world for patients in Dubai, the UAE and across the region, according to Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (Moorfields). They are also helping Dubai to achieve its ambition of becoming the regional hub for healthcare. The hospital currently works with six (6) insurance affiliates through relationships established by Moorfields since setting up its dedicated, specialist hospital in 2007, with further insurance agreements still pending.

Around 40 per cent of patients seen are covered by one of the insurance affiliates working with the hospital, and the number of insured patients is growing strongly as a proportion of the total patient base. It's a trend that is opening access to care for patients from across the region, facilitated by the insurance companies, and supporting the evolution of Dubai as a regional healthcare hub. Moorfields has already treated a significant group of patients from outside the UAE and they represent a growing proportion of the Hospital's total patient base.

Moorfields' direct settlement agreement with Saudi Arabian Insurance Company (SAICO), based in Riyadh, means that specialist outpatient and daycase care is available to patients holding valid medical cards issued by SAICO. Holders of valid Gold and Blue medical cards issued by SAICO have access to eye care services, consultations and treatment provided by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

"It is not enough to invest in world class facilities and highly trained trained consultants and staff," says Dr Chris Canning, CEO and Medical Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai. "We must also ensure access to these services as widely as possible, for patients across the region. Health insurers play an important role in creating this access for patients in the UAE and even beyond and Moorfields has already built a strong network of relationships with insurers that can help facilitate this. SAICO is helping to build our patient base in Saudi Arabia, and allowing their customers to benefit from the extensive medical care provided by Moorfields in diagnosing and treating eye conditions. This is helping to position Dubai as the regional healthcare hub."

The services and extent of treatment provided by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai under insurance agreements are dependent upon the type of insurance cover held by individual patients. 

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