Iran has ”positive approach” towards talks with the West

Published September 30th, 2009 - 09:02 GMT

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator on Wednesday said Tehran has a positive approach towards its upcoming talks with the global powers as he sets off for Geneva to represent Iran in the meeting. "We will enter talks with major world powers with a positive and strategic approach based on goodwill and long-term bilateral cooperation," Saeed Jalili told reporters, according to Press TV.


"We think that Iran's power and capabilities will be an opportunity for stability, security and expansion of cooperation in line with peace and justice for progress of all nations," said Jalili, who heads Iran's Supreme National Security Council. "We think that Iran's national, regional and international potential will prepare appropriate grounds for removing common concerns of the international community [about Iran's nuclear program]," he added.


Jalili described the Geneva meeting as an 'opportunity and a test' for the world powers. "The use of this opportunity will depend on the approach of the negotiation sides to Iran," he said.


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