Iranian Amassador offered Iraqi Tribunal to implicate PMOI for chemical bombing of Halabja

Published July 15th, 2010 - 08:18 GMT

During a program on the chemical bombing of Halabja, Emmanuel Ludot,
French jurist and member of Saddam Hussein's legal team, told ARTE that
he had been invited to the embassy by the Iranian Ambassador (in France).
He explained his visit as follows:
At this point I would like to tell you of a private dialogue, eventhough I know
I might have to pay a price. I was invited to the embassy by the Iranian
Ambassador. The first thing I was asked at the embassy was how Saddam
was doing? The Iranians said they were very worried about his well being. I
was surprised to hear this question and at first did not belive it.
The Ambassador said: Let us agree on an issue. We will say that Iranians did
not bomb the Kurds with chemicals. But we have a document, that we want
to put at your disposal, that proves the PMOI was implicated in this act. So let
us agree on a common culprit which is the PMOI. You should say that the
PMOI did this and we will also say that the PMOI did it. In this way we can
save both parties' reputation. What do you think?

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