Iran's Presidential Candidates Play The 'Blame Game' in The Final Debate

Published June 13th, 2021 - 08:05 GMT
Presidential Candidates Hold the Last Round of Debate
A supporter of Iranian presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi walks next to his posters during an election campaign rally in the capital Tehran, on June 10, 2021. STR / AFP
Iranian presidential candidates ready for the the third and final debate.

After a calm and respectful second debate, the third and final showdown between the seven presidential candidates in Iran was again an aggressive one.

Themed with people’s major concerns, the third debate required the candidates to highlight their plans for improving people’s livelihood.

Iran elections: 🗳️🇮🇷We take a look at the process through which presidential candidates are chosen prior to the popular vote, introduce those running in 2021, and look back at the often ill-fated former heads of government

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They in part outlined some of their agenda, but the theme got derailed when contenders once again made references to the current administration’s mismanagement in a range of issues, from the 2019 surge in fuel prices to the dismal handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


The showdown was not all hawkish; candidates did seize part of their allocated time to be to the point and avoid the blame game. Some believe in opening up to the world as a way out from the economic woes and others seek the solution inside the country.

Unlike previous elections, which were more of a clash of parties, this time it’s a contest of plans; plans that can extricate the country’s economy from the current predicament and ensure a brighter future for Iranians. While many Iranians are still undecided on a single candidate, reports show that the televised debates have helped the public to narrow down their choices.

Iran’s presidential candidates pull out all stops in final debate -

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The three debates have definitely given the public a clear image of the presidential race and who deserves to be the next Iranian president. Vital as it is, the third showdown was not the candidates' last shot to make an impression, as the short but fevered election season is still not over.

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