Iraq attacks: 18 dead including four children

Published February 15th, 2006 - 03:20 GMT

Four Iraqi children were killed on Wednesday as they walked to school in central Baghdad. The children were killed by a roadside bomb  which targeted a liquor shop in Baghdad, according to sources at Iraq's Ministry of Interior. The liquor shop was reportedly destroyed and several surrounding buildings badly damaged, according to the AP. Similar attacks on liquor stores by religious groups have been frequent in Iraq. The dead included two sisters and their brother.


At least 14 other people, including six policemen, died in car bombings and shootings across the Iraqi capital.


At least three car bombs went off across the capital Wednesday, targeting police but also killing two Iraqi civilians and injuring several others. A parked car bomb went off as a police patrol passed by, killing four policemen and injuring two civilians in northern Baghdad, Lt. Nadhim Nasser said.


Another car bomb killed two civilians near Baghdad's University of Technology. That attack also injured five people, including three policemen.


A third explosives-rigged car blasted near a gas station as an Iraqi police patrol passed in downtown Baghdad's Karradah area, injuring five policemen and three civilians.


Gunmen firing from two cars shot and killed a police captain and his driver, also a policeman, in Baghdad's Sadiyah neighborhood, said police Lt. Aqil Fadil, according to the AP.


Police also said they found the bodies of five men shot in the head and dumped near a Shiite neighborhood of western Baghdad.


Another civilian was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in western Baghdad's Ghazaliyah district, police said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi police reported that a five-year old boy was among the eleven family members killed on Tuesday by gunmen in the town of Balad, north of the capital.


The family was reportedly rounded up and then shot dead by gunmen on a farm in the Shiite town, according to Reuters. The gunmen then escaped in the family's truck.


15-year-old Gazwan Hussein, whose father, Sheikh Hussein Sarhan al-Hiyali, had been killed in the attack, was wounded but not killed.


He told reporters from his hospital bed, "When we arrived at the farm at about 8 a.m., we were ambushed by nine gunmen who were covering their faces. They told us to sit down. When my father tried to pull the pistol from the pickup truck, they opened fire immediately."


Also on Tuesday, US military sources reported that gunmen killed an Iraqi army major and his son near A-Taji, north of Baghdad. An Iraqi contractor working with the Iraqi army was also killed by gunmen in the town of Tikrit.


Elsewhere on Tuesday, a police colonel was wounded in a failed assassination attempt on his life by gunmen. The men reportedly opened fire on his car in the central Iraqi town of Baquba.

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