Iraq: Bombers of October 25 arrived from Syria

Published November 22nd, 2009 - 08:51 GMT

Iraq on Sunday for the first time said that the bombers who killed over 150 people in Baghdad on October 25 came from Syria. "The group came from Syria but we are not accusing Syria again," said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh on state television.


His remarks followed the broadcast of confessions from three men said to have plotted the two massive bombings in the Iraqi capital that killed 153 people and wounded hundreds. Iraq's relations with Syria deteriorated when it accused Damascus of sheltering suspects whom Baghdad said orchestrated similar deadly attacks on government buildings in Baghdad on August 19.


Iraq had not previously linked Syrians to the October bombings. "We have proof that condemns all those who justify terrorist acts from groups based in Syria," Dabbagh said, according to AFP. "I imagine that there are some countries in the area that support these people because those countries until now are not convinced that these groups could be a danger to them."


Dabbagh added: "What we showed to the journalists today represents only part of the confessions. There are lots of names and secret information that we cannot reveal."


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