At least 18 killed in polling station attacks across Iraq

Published April 28th, 2014 - 12:09 GMT

Agence France Presse reported Monday that militants attacked several polling stations throughout Iraq leaving at least 18 people dead and dozens others wounded ahead of the country's parliamentary elections.

In west Baghdad, a suicide bomber entered a polling station Monday morning where he detonated himself, killing seven police officers and wounding fifteen. 

North of Baghdad, a suicide bomber in Tut Khurmatu killed three policeman and wounded seven in a polling station. In Kirkuk, a similar attack occurred with six policemen reported dead and nine wounded. 

A roadside bomb in Kirkuk was also reported Monday that was set to target an army convoy, killing one soldier and wounding two. 

In Mosul, two suicide bombers wounded five in a polling station and a roadside bomb left six others, most of whom were journalists, injured. 

Another soldier was reported dead near Ramadi after a roadside bomb detonated while he was en route to a polling station. 

Iraq's parliamentary elections are the country's first since U.S. troops withdrew in 2011.  Violence and sectarian tensions have escalated dramatically ahead of this week's vote.

More than 3,000 people have died in Iraq this year alone from violence ravaging the country. 

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