Iraq: Iranian officials kidnepped by US forces freed

Published July 9th, 2009 - 10:49 GMT

Iran's envoy to Baghdad on Thursday stated five Iranian diplomats who were kidnapped by American forces have been handed over to the Irai government.


"US occupying forces have handed over the five Iranian diplomats to the Iraqi Prime Minister [Nouri al-Maliki]," the ambassador told Fars news agency on Thursday.  "The diplomats will be transferred to the Iranian Embassy after meeting with the prime minister," Hossein Kazemi-Qomi said.


Three of them were among the five staff abducted in January 2007 by American soldiers in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil during a raid on the Iranian Consulate. Two of the abductees were freed later, and the three who were kept were later joined by two other Iranians kidnapped elsewhere in Iraq.



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