Iraq: At least 14 die in attacks

Published April 19th, 2005 - 03:59 GMT

A suicide car bombing attack outside an Iraqi army recruitment center and other attacks killed at least 14 people Tuesday and injured more than 50.


The suicide bombing took place in Baghdad's Azamiyah district in front of the recruitment center, killing at least six Iraqis, including two soldiers, and wounding 44, said police Col. Hussein Mutlaq.

In other incidents, attackers opened fire on Iraqi soldiers in Khalidiyah, 75 miles west of Baghdad, killing four soldiers and wounding seven, police and hospital officials said.


Gunmen in Baghdad ambushed a senior Iraqi Defense Ministry advisor as he drove home late Monday, killing him and his son, the Interior Ministry said. According to The AP, officials identified the man as Maj. Gen. Adnan al-Qaraghulli.


Also in Baghdad, masked men armed with machine guns in two cars shot and killed Professor Fuad Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Bayati as he left his home for work at the University of Baghdad, police said.


In two separate attacks involving roadside bombs, one Iraqi civilian died in the Iskandariyah area about 30 miles south of Baghdad, and three were wounded in Baqouba.


Also Monday, Iraq's most powerful Shiite bloc said it wants ousted president Saddam Hussein put to death if he is convicted of war crimes. If the interim president will not OK the execution order, he should resign, an alliance spokesman told The Associated Press.

"This is something that cannot be discussed at all," said Ali al-Dabagh, a lawmaker from the Shiite United Iraqi Alliance. "We feel he is a criminal. He is the No. 1 criminal in the world. He is a murderer."

On his part, Interim President Jalal Talabani was quoted by the British Broadcasting Corp. on Monday as saying he likely would abstain from signing any execution order because of his opposition to the death penalty.

"I personally signed a call for ending execution throughout the world, and I'm respecting my signature," Talabani told the BBC. He added, however, that he was likely alone in the government in holding this view. It should be pointed out that at this stage no date has been set for Saddam's trial.


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